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In today’s era, social media is overflowing with brilliant marketers ready to share their services and their great ideas- and all absolutely free! Social media is constantly changing, updating and developing itself at a very high pace as per the time and that’s why the change is needed in our working techniques as well as what are we sharing. There is an abundant amount of information in cyberspace, but the question raises how this information is being saved there? Social Media offers details on content marketing, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. And the strategic ways to use these various platforms is termed as Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing is a marketing technique of using online communities, social networks, blog marketing, and other media. Social media consist of various kinds of applications. Uses different technologies allows users to exchange user-generated content. Social Media Marketing is of two types. They are Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing. The main advantages are speed delivery of the message, real-time customer engagement, which helps to maintain constant communication. This technique is focusing on every customer and customer value. And keeping a high level of customer contacts. Without a specific strategy, marketing will not be useful. The customers and companies get communicated directly. Which helps to improve better customer care. The social media platform helps the companies to get the user tastes towards products. So it will be very useful for the companies to target the interested group of customers.

According to Social Media Examiner, about 94% of marketers are currently participating on social media platforms but 83% of them aren’t sure about the use of SMM. So here let's diminish the dilemma by knowing the advantages.

1.) Gaining insights into the marketplace
2.) Cost effecting
3.) Brand loyalty improves
4.) Better customer satisfaction
5.) Conversion rates increases
6.) Search engine rankings are improved
7.) Inbounds more traffic
8.) Brand awareness increases

Future Scope of Social Media Marketing(SMM)-

Social Media Marketing as various large future scope as it will later be effective for the following-Customer engagement and Customer relationship management, Better marketing, Social technologies help to unlock new business trends, Social media will be a tool for long term business processes. The basic role played by SMM- For Product development, using social media for distributing business services, Using social media for marketing-sales communication, It helps to maintain customer care through social media, Helps to communicate with clients, which improves business procedures and lastly Uses social technology to improve inter-organizational communication.

Social Media Marketing
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